What will I do for you:

Real estate appraisal

I give fair appraisal to real estate. We have a sales database and long-term real estate appraisal experience that will help you set a reasonable price to your property.

I will remove the defects

Real estate often has imperfections that the owner may not even be aware of. With cooperation partners, I will help to eliminate any faults that may hinder the sales process.


“This kitchen is so ugly”.  Sometimes potential buyers tend to criticize your home, which can be difficult and the sales process can drag on. I present the property to the buyer objectively and honestly, at the same time leaving as positive an impression of the object as possible.


I will create a proper advertisement and take high-quality photos. If necessary, I will organise open house days, add outdoor advertising and ads on social media platforms. We also have a considerable list of buyers who are ready to purchase real estate before the ad becomes public.

Legal administration

I will process a legally correct transaction in accordance with the applicable legislation. I will acquire legal documents and verify their accuracy.

Words of wisdom

The shoemaker repairs shoes, the builder builds, the doctor cures patients and I deal with real estate! I believe I am a professional and honest partner who does their job with full dedication!