About me

A little bit about me

My main field is organizing the sale of real estate and making the sales process of the customers simple. Having more than 10 years of experience in real estate sales, I dare to say that by selling with me, the owner will get approx. 5-8% more income for his home than if he had done it by selling on his own.

I have been active in real estate market for more than 10 years. What brought me to real estate? Interest in real estate investing. In the first years, I acted as an active and a passive investor.

I have studied to be a real estate broker at the Tallinn School of Economics, also obtained a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Economics at the Tallinn University of Technology. I  have given an internationally recognized real estate agent professional level certificate (professional level 5).

When communicating with clients, I map their needs and
then I develop an appropriate sales strategy.

If you are thinking about selling real estate, contact me.
I’m here to help you, make the sale
as convenient and profitable as possible.

Lauri Esko
Kutseline kinnisvaramaakler | Tase 5.